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    Que dicen de nosotros:

    Ramón has been key in contributing to the growth of our team. His positive and innovative attitude helped us develop our strengths as a team and scale to the next level. He’s a great professional and a better person!

    Maria Torrens

    Product Manager @ TUI MM

    I worked with Ramón closely over the last year that he was supporting TUI. Ramón is very knowledgable in all areas of the Agile methodology and helped us tailor the best approach for each of our teams. As a Scrum Master he managed the teams workload efficiently and did a great job of understanding the business needs and players to remove obstacles. Ramón also produced some really great Retro meetings and ensured engagement and teamwork from all involved. I would be happy to recommend Ramón to anyone who wants to bring a professional touch based on knowledge and experience to their Agile teams.

    Chris Carmichael

    Head of Product Fullfilment @ TUI MM

    Eli is a real enthusiast and is always willing to help! I’ve been lucky enough to work and learn from her during a challenging but fruitful period of time. Her passion for Agile, professional attitude and positive mindset really make the difference. She’s a great colleague and even better person!

    Maria Rorrens Ribot

    Digital Channels & Suppliers Integrations

    Elisabeth is a well grounded professional with a continuous focus on doing things right. Over the years I had the priviledge to work with Elisabeth in multiple projects while at our time in Hotelbeds. We as a team managed to grow the business by 200% in 4 years and most important set the right foundations for the business to grow. Elisabeth has then move to management and agile transformation where she has also succeed while her time in TUI as a personally indirectly saw her progress. A well articulated professional, with high responsibility levels with a passion for success and solving complex problems while focusing on the business. Most importantly a reliable and trustworthy person with human qualities.

    Facundo Rua

    Managing Director OTA Business

    Elisabeth became very quickly the go-to person in the company for agile practices when she started with TUI Musement. This was due to her vast experience, agile mindset, enthusiasm, can-do attitude and supportive style. I had the great pleasure to have her in the team to drive the agile transition in TUI Musement. In particular her dedication to improve the status quo of the development processes has been very inspirational for me. During the Covid 19 crises Eli went above and beyond to help the agile teams to adapt. It showed impressively her ability to sense the need of the teams and individuals and lead them to improved ways of working especially in that time of extreme uncertainty and rapid change. I am sure she will be a great asset for any company she will support.

    Christiane Harling

    Head of Business Change TUI Destination

    «El tiempo que trabajé junto a Victoria ha sido el periodo con mayor aprendizaje que he tenido en un trabajo. Con ella supe que es la responsabilidad y ser mi propio líder en mi zona de trabajo. Me cambio el paradigma de lo que era liderar un grupo, ya que ella deposita confianza en su equipo y no se basa en dar órdenes sino te guía en el camino siendo tu el protagonista de tus decisiones.»

    Francisco Moreno

    Trabajar con Victoria como líder de equipo es trabajar con puraenergía. Siempre motivada y pretendiendo que saques lo mejor deti para tu beneficio personal y para el beneficio del equipo o de laorganización. Es de esas personas que si da un paso atrás lo hacepara coger impulso.

    Alba Alcover Carmona

    Consultora en Liberty Work
    Fernando Ruiz Falcó

    Vito reúne capacidades muy difíciles de ver en una misma persona.A su gran capacidad de adaptación y de aprendizaje, une una excelente intuición para leer a las personas y una habilidad natural para comprender la dinámica de un equipo de trabajo. Todo ello hace que sea una profesional que puede marcar la diferencia.

    Fernando Ruiz-Falcó Rojas

    Profesor y conferenciante. Owner de Moinrack, Sourcemelon, Adaptango y Steelmood.
    Fernando Ruiz Falcó

    Ramón es inteligente, trabajador y buena persona. Son tres grandes virtudes, pero seguramente lo que marca la verdadera diferencia en él es su extraordinaria capacidad de aprendizaje. No es fácil reunir las capacidades de saber escuchar, humildad, perseverancia y tranquilidad con su propia autoestima necesarias para aprender con tanta rapidez y profundidad. Sin duda Ramón es un profesional que puede añadir un enorme valor.

    Fernando Ruiz-Falcó Rojas

    Profesor y conferenciante. Owner de Monirack, Sourcemelon, Adaptango y Steelmood,
    Dora Papp

    I worked with Ramon in one of the first agile teams launched in TUI Destination Experiences, he was our Scrum Master. At that point he has been in TUI for a few months only but had already a thorough understanding of the topics and their implication.
    His calm, kind manner, curiousity, flexibility and deep technical knowledge makes him perfect for the Scrum Master role. He could always help the team with every challenge we faced, could find a common ground with every team member and helped me a lot to grow into my Product Owner role as well. I really enjoyed working with Ramon and hope we will have the possibility to do so in the future as well.

    Dora Papp

    Operational Efficiency Manager & Agile Product Owner at TUI DX