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Bevol trains you to understand and adopt change, designing it from your shoes and implementing it from within, placing people at the core of your organizational (re)evolution.


We are at a time when more than ever a (re)evolution is necessary. Organizations must choose to adapt, or suffer, and even disappear.

Inefficiencies, lack of collaboration and communication, lack of commitment and leadership, severely diminish customer value creation and adaptability. This, in most of the cases, jeopardizes the viability of the organizational model in a complex context of rapid change, such as the one in which we find ourselves (VUCA).

From empty to living cities, 2020 taught us a great lesson: the real difference between an empty city and a living city is its population. Cities are people and their relationships in constant evolution. And organizations, are too.

That is why we defend that a (re)evolution must be led by the people who make it up, and only then it can be successful. That’s when we come into play, because we know the keys to make this happen.




Our strategy is simple: Prioritize action to collaboratively come up with particular solutions that maximize positive impact. We are aware that each organization has its own particular needs, which cannot be solved by a theoretical model that offers the solution without involving those involved.

We know that the only way to make an organizational transformation successful is that we became expendable, after leading the organization to be self-sufficient and independent using all the learnigs. We will achieve this through coaching, training, facilitation, and any other activity that improves the circumstances for an organic transformation where the main engine is people.

In detail, we offer a seed solution based in 4 pillars: Organizational Awareness, People, Product Development and Product Discovery. Learn more here



Bachelor of Science in Physical Activity and Sport at the University of Alicante, Bachelor of Education from the University of Castellón, and Master in Management and Management of public and private entities, from the University of Valencia. ICF certified personal, executive and team coach.

Passionate about sports and people, she entered the business world to be in charge of different responsibilities, which have allowed me to work in different parts of Spain and with teams of different types and sizes. Especially focused on working to develop teams, empower people and manage projects.

Each stage and each city has been a new challenge and a new opportunity to continue enriching her learning path and curiosity.

For 6 years at Decathlon, she worked as a leader for different teams, where she was able to develop and explore all the capabilities that a team and a leader need. After this stage, she opted to take a leap and transform his profession towards Agility, where she worked at TUI as Agile Coach and Scrum Master for Adaptango.

In this transformation period, she has specialized in Managerial and Team Coaching (Graduated from ICF), Agilism, as well as different innovation methodologies.

“Now I train organizations, leaders and teams to find the simplification of their day-to-day life and thus have a cohesive and high-performance team. I personally understand that transformation processes generate conscious, healthy and sustainable spaces.”


Engineer in Industrial Design and Product Development, and Master in Organization Engineering, specializing in Business Administration (MBA) from the Polytechnic University of Madrid. Constant entrepreneur, always passionate about product development, technology and people.

After spending time at the Ozone Drive Technological Start up, where he worked as a Product Engineer, Ramón made a leap into the world of Digital Transformation and Agility, working for over a year and a half as Agile coach and Scrum Master at Adaptango for TUI DX .

Trainer and facilitator specialized in Agilism, Innovation Methodologies and Management  3.0, drives the vision to help develop new sustainable and technological solutions, taking into account that people are the main asset of organizations.

“There is a better way to do things, and I think together we can make organizations great places to work, where inspiring products and services are developed”


Degree in computer engineering and Master in parallel and distributed computing at the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV). Her vocation for technology and innovation led her to be part of a research group (DSIC) at the university for just over 5 years.

She had the opportunity to: develop the final degree project, make publications, attend conferences, complete a master’s degree and develop projects related to public administration. Years later, she decided to leave the University to find out more about companies.

It was then, in 2011, when she moved to Mallorca. She discovered the real world of IT as a developer and after more than 7 years developing her competencies, she discovered the potential of Agile to create high performance, motivated and happy teams. Here she evolved her role to Scrum Master and changed the course of her professional future.

She left behind a professional stage of more than 8 years at Hotelbeds to support and drive the digital transformation in TUI. Trying to integrate technological innovation with Agile mindset & culture. Breaking down the walls between business and tech teams boosting them to work as a whole. While she continued expanding her skills and competencies in Lean, Kanban, Management 3.0, Product discovery and Design Thinking concepts.

In this period she also began to take her first steps as a personal, executive and team certified coach.

«I love challenges and I strongly believe that difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations! “


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