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We train your organization to respond successfully to the challenges of the new era

Our clients become UNSTOPPABLE COMPANIES that trust their destiny to their EMPLOYEES

Together we work to accomplish the hardest challenge: making people look forward to coming to work in the morning


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What do we do


The change is painful. We will take care of mitigating that pain, while we guide you and make sure that the transformation takes place.


Un gran abanico de entrenamientos formativos para tu equipo, para que puedas desarrollar tu negocio a la vez que potencias y desarrollas a las personas en habilidades CLAVE.


The processes that we generate with people focus on developing the full potential of each of the members of your team.


1.Double action point

Parte emocional

A. Emotional side

We are people, and relationships. unpredictable, unstable, creative, proud, determined, committed …

We have always lived in a system that ignored all these aspects, and now we have to learn a new way of relating and growing together


B. Rational side

Models, tools and processes are at the service of the human part of the organization, our job is to implement them in such a way that the organization is empowered.

Agile, Lean, Systems thinking, Autogestión, Semler style, Teal, Sociocracia 3.0, Holocracia, Design Thinking

2. Learning cycles


We work for hiterations, generating space to reflect, and including collaborators in the design of the next steps towards the new version of the organization.


3. Focus on the impact

We do not work with a model based on hours, but on one based on impact. We will leave our skin if necessary to achieve what we have proposed together.







Autonomy & Self-management

Commitment and motivation

Before working with us you should know that...

We don´t consult → we co-design, facilitate, unlock, catalyze, enable

Victoria Rodriguez

We do not bring final answers, we discover them with you


We work hard so that you stop needing us as soon as possible

Elisabeth Marti

To get your company reborn, you will need more than models, processes and power points.

Café con libreta is Bevol´s Podcast , where, for 30 minutes, professionals from different sectors share their experience with self-management, leadership, teams, agility, product development and other related topics.

The interviews are carried out live through a Zoom and in spanish, (which you can attend as a public for free), where you can also talk directly with the guest.

Café con libreta was born with the aim of making visible that self-management in companies is possible and viable, and it does so through real cases and visible results.

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What do they say about us:

I worked with Ramón closely over the last year that he was supporting TUI. Ramón is very knowledgable in all areas of the Agile methodology and helped us tailor the best approach for each of our teams. As a Scrum Master he managed the teams workload efficiently and did a great job of understanding the business needs and players to remove obstacles. Ramón also produced some really great Retro meetings and ensured engagement and teamwork from all involved. I would be happy to recommend Ramón to anyone who wants to bring a professional touch based on knowledge and experience to their Agile teams.

Dora Papp

I worked with Ramon in one of the first agile teams launched in TUI Destination Experiences, he was our Scrum Master. At that point he has been in TUI for a few months only but had already a thorough understanding of the topics and their implication.
His calm, kind manner, curiousity, flexibility and deep technical knowledge makes him perfect for the Scrum Master role. He could always help the team with every challenge we faced, could find a common ground with every team member and helped me a lot to grow into my Product Owner role as well. I really enjoyed working with Ramon and hope we will have the possibility to do so in the future as well.

Dora Papp

Operational Efficiency Manager & Agile Product Owner at TUI DX
Fernando Ruiz Falcó

Ramón is intelligent, hard-working and a good person. They are three great virtues, but surely what makes the real difference in him is his extraordinary ability to learn. It is not easy to combine the skills of listening, humility, perseverance and tranquility with your own self-esteem necessary to learn so quickly and deeply. Ramón is undoubtedly a professional who can add enormous value.

Fernando Ruiz-Falcó Rojas

Profesor y conferenciante. Owner de Monirack, Sourcemelon, Adaptango y Steelmood,
Fernando Ruiz Falcó

Vito combines capacities that are very difficult to see in the same person, and his great capacity for adaptation and learning combines an excellent intuition to read people and a natural ability to understand the dynamics of a work team. All this makes her a professional who can make a difference.

Fernando Ruiz-Falcó Rojas

Profesor y conferenciante. Owner de Moinrack, Sourcemelon, Adaptango y Steelmood.

Agile is not about frameworks, it is about people and culture and in that aspect Victoria could bring us much more value than some of the scrum masters that we already had at home. And as expected, she gave us much more than we would have imagined, especially in all those situations where conflicts between people, trust / communication problems had to be resolved, and guiding teams to make them evolve. Always with a smile on his mouth and with a super proactive attitude, he made a very quick niche in all the technical and business teams. The only thing I have to regret is that COVID robbed us of the opportunity to continue doing great things, but in this way I can share Victoria’s talent with all those who know how to value it.

Elisabeth Marti Garcia

Leading change and evolving teams at TUI DX

Working with Victoria as a team leader is working with pure energy. Always motivated and trying to get the best out of you for your personal benefit and for the benefit of the team or the organization. She is one of those people who if she takes a step back, she does it to gain momentum.

Alba Alcover Carmona

Consultora en Liberty Work

“The time that I worked with Victoria has been the period with the greatest learning I have had in a job. With her I knew that it is responsibility and being my own leader in my work area. I change the paradigm of what it was to lead a group, since she places confidence in her team and is not based on giving orders but guides you along the way, being you the protagonist of your decisions. “

Francisco Moreno

Ramón was one of the scrum master supporting the agile transformation in TUI DX when I joined the company. He was a big support from the very beginning and he made a difference with the scrum masters team. He is always willing to help and has the ability to understand the needs and try to find the best solution to amend it. Always passionate about people and teams, he contributed to support and evolve the teams breaking the walls between business and technology, working as one team to deliver value. Nowadays we are following the path that he started in TUI DX and we are so thankful for his passion, commitment and holistic leadership.

Elisabeth Marti Garcia

Leading change and evolving teams at TUI DX

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