Building Human, Innovative and Efficient Businesses


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Building Human, Innovative and Efficient Businesses


Bevol baleares

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We are consultants and companions

Parte emocional
We help you create the conditions so that people can feel engaged and enthusiastic.
The idea is to learn a new way of working and growing together

We will train you to be more efficient, agile, and innovative, through already tested models, tools, and processes.

Agile, Lean, Systems thinking, Self-management, Semler style, Teal, Sociocracy 3.0, Holocracy, Design Thinking

We know that the essence of organizations are People
Adult and responsible people, who in the right context will want to show their best version, develop their potential and feel fulfilled.
That is Why our purpose in Bevol is to help Businesses to create this context, while helping people extract the full potential of their organizations.
We were born to break the Status Quo of the old organziational models. Together with out clients we create, build and lead business from a new Paradigm. A more Human, more innovative and more meaningful one. 
The future is human.

Which Stage are you in?

Start ups que quieren crecer con solidez

STRAT-UPS that want to lay a solid foundation for their growth

PYMES en crecimiento que quieren profesionalizarse

SMEs willing to professionalize their ways of working

Empresas consolidadas

CONSOLIDATED COMPANIES committed to improve continuosly

They already trusted us

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How can we help you

Hacia adentro


” I have to be on top of everyone, I can’t get them to take responsibility and take initiative. I would like people to feel more committed and engaged with the project”

“How could we abandon Old-School leadership, how could we get rid of Micromanagement?”

“Our Procesess aren´t optimized, defined or standarized”

“Our internal communication… what a mess, it is inefficient, and definetly demands more energy than needed… not to talk about the misunderstandings we usually have” 

“I´d love all of us to have an aligned vision of where we are headed to, so that everyone pushes in the same direction”

“Lately we didn´t innovate at all, our Business as usual is eating us”

“I would like my teams to be more Agile, to react faster and more autonomously to the challenges we face”

“I have no clue whether we are winning or losing money on each project. We basically take decisions without data”

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Hacia afuera servicios Bevol


“We receive complaints from our clients all the time, I think that sometimes we do not give the best experience”

“We have (a lot) quality problems”

“We are not learning from our client, therefore we are not improving our service according to it”

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How do we work


Una prueba de lo que somos capaces

Punctual value contributions that can make a difference

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Short-term projects (1-3 months) in the form of learning cycles to solve specific challenges

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Programa evoluciona tu empresa

In subscription format and involving other specialists, we will train your company from all facets, month by month.   (Processes, People, Organization, Operation, Financial Canvas, Strategy, Growth and Innovation...)

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Ciclos de aprendizaje

changes with the people from the company. Feel-experiment-define

Focus on

a model based on impact, instead of one based on hours

A bit more about us

Every week we send you articles, podcasts, links, and all kinds of relevant information related to the new trends of the future of organizations. 

The RRSS are our main channel of communication with the outside world. Every week we talk, share and debate about what we are passionate about: the organizations of the future

Café con libreta is the Bevol Podcast, where, for 30 minutes, professionals from different sectors share their experience with self-management, agility, product development and other related topics.

La Pizza organizacional, our recipe for undertaking a successful organizational transformation.