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A. Create

Una prueba de lo que somos capaces

Punctual value contributions that can make a difference

B. Build


Short-term projects (1-3 months) in the form of learning cycles to solve specific challenges

C. Lead

Programa evoluciona tu empresa

In subscription format and involving other specialists, we will train your company from all facets, month by month.  (Processes, People, Organization, Operation, Financial Canvas, Strategy, Growth and Innovation…)

Una prueba de lo que somos capaces


Asesoria think out of the box

2 sessions of 2 hours in which we will work on your case, to come up with solutions that you can then implement on your own

We enter your house, take a look, talk to your people and give you a diagnosis of what we have seen, along with a list of actions that we would take if we were in your shoes

8-hour workshop to (re)define the foundations of your company, the first steps in building a human and innovative organization capable of navigating constant change and uncertainty.



Collaborations of up to 2 months duration, to impact on a specific pain or opportunity

Simplify your channels to unify
your communication and make it efficient

Develop an empowering leadership style, characterized by making other people reach their full potential. We train your leaders and give you tools to take advantage of this leadership style.

Map and redesign your work processes to make them more agile and flexible, placing a radical focus on what adds value. All the good things about Agile and Lean in the same service.

Professionalize your company. Assemble the infrastructure to know the balance of each initiative, better manage your resources and make better decisions based on the data.

Develop a strategic plan based on the possible future scenarios that you are going to find, using Strategic Foresight among other tools

Lay the foundations for developing high-performance autonomous teams that harness the potential of all people

The cohesion of your teams and the work environment in your company, with dynamics based on creativity and innovation.

Create the infrastructure (tools and processes) to start delegating successfully and develop the culture to make it happen. Design a decision-making process based on consent, advice and data.

Redesign your products and services based on the experience and knowledge of your workers, applying disruptive thinking and innovation methodologies

Redesign your products or services improving the experience of your customers, based on immersive dynamics and data.

Implement the necessary tools and processes to receive feedback and learn from your client, and even co-create your products collaboratively

Programa evoluciona tu empresa



In subscription format, we will train and professionalize your organization from all angles of the system. We will be consultants and companions throughout the process, to develop an unstoppable organization.

Learning cycles

We will work in Learning Cycles, which we will break down into 2-week Sprints. Each Sprint will have its objectives and its deliverables.

Profesionales colaboradores bevol

We work with specialized professionals in each area, to take your organization to a next era of growth, diversification and innovation.

We are going to fully commit to your transformation. That is why we offer you a billing model with a fixed part, and another variable depending on the results you achieve after working with us.



  • Organizational culture. Shared values
  • Organizational structure (abandonment of hierarchical models)
  • Team leadership
  • Self-management and wholeness of people
  • Motivation and commitment
  • Selection and hiring


  • Evolutionary purpose
  • Growth and diversification strategy
  • Innovation strategy and opportunity detection
  • Online presence (digital marketing) and branding
  • Development of products and business lines (r+d+i)
  • Commercial strategy
  • Tools and reporting
  • Processes and lead generation
  • sales skills


  • Value chain optimization
  • Process optimization and standardization
  • Internal communication model
  • Project management and follow up
  • Decision making
  • Agile ways of working
  • Adoption of continuous improvement
  • Radical customer focus
  • Simplified dashboard creation
  • Economic follow-up of projects.
  • Balance per project or activity
  • Investment strategies
  • Reports
  • Audit of accounts
  • Budgeting and planning
  • Cash flow optimization
  • Tax optimization

Do you want to know what you could start working with us from now? -> For potential clients of the program EVOLVE YOUR BUSINESS we are offering a free initial diagnosis (a quick audit that has as deliverable a list of improvement initiatives, mapped by ease vs importance) valued in 500€.


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