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The main challenge for all organizations is to adapt quickly to change while remaining efficient and providing maximum value to the customers.

Focusing on what really adds value and being able to anticipate the needs of our clients is the differentiating element of companies that achieve success and survive crises.

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Be evolution

What is our proposal?

We add extensive experience working with the key pillars within companies: people, technology and business. This allows us to put ourselves in the customer’s shoes and quickly detect areas for improvement.

We know very well what the book says, the theory, but over time we have learned that the important thing is to adapt to reality.

Our priority is to provide efficient and sustainable solutions over time, not magic recipes.

We are flexible, both in the implementation of methodologies and in cultural change. We listen and understand each organization, we respect their times and their circumstances.

Our commitment: to provide the best solution in each case, maximising results and minimising disruption.

tell us about your case

We are convinced that each case has a different starting point and needs.

That is why we want to listen to yours, and adapt the proposal and the price to your circumstances. What’s more, just for telling us about your case, you will get a 10% discount for 2021.

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a right decision will make the differencce

The current challenge is to maximise the value delivered to customers. Let us help you reduce your time to market and be a leader in your sector.

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Be evolution

service details: how we work

We offer a customised and flexible accompaniment, adapted to the needs of each organization.

We start from an initial point by evaluating the current situation of the organization and draw up a plan to progress little by little towards the final objective.

We work as external agents, but we act as one more within the company, generating trust and closeness. Looking for constant feedback to help us know if we are on the right track.

Our methodology is based on accompanying and mentoring companies from our experience and continuous learning. We provide the tools and knowledge necessary to make teams grow, while we work to make ourselves expendable.

Our measure of success: high performance, motivated and autonomous teams!

We play different roles, including:

We empower the teams using agile tools as:

What are the results of working with us?

If you bet on this service these are the key results you can expect:

    • Improving results and increasing productivity in your teams.
    • Increasing response time of companies to the market, ensuring the early delivery of value (reducing time to market).
    • Creating a culture of continuous improvement, adaptation and sustainable learning over time.
    • Balancing results and well-being, happier workers is synonymous with better business results.
    • More aligned and strengthened corporate culture.
    • Corporate strategy aligned with the day-to-day objectives of teams (using tools such as OKRs).
    • More transparent and effective communication between teams and people.
"Start maximising what you have, instead of worrying what you don’t have."
Tony Curl


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our experts - driving evolution and change

Each of the professionals that make up BEVOL has a different but complementary profile. Together we add the experience, knowledge and concerns necessary to accompany you in any objective.

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Elisabeth Martí

Ramón Cañas

10% off


A rigth decision will make the difference

The current challenge is to maximise the value delivered to customers. Let us help you reduce your time to market and be a leader in your sector.

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