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Bevol is a network of professionals who believe that a different way of building companies is possible.

We are professionals with different backgrounds who have come to the same conclusion: organizations designed so that people can develop and feel enthusiastic, generate AWESOME results.

La clave para impulsar tu negocio y afrontar el cambio está en las personas.

Somos Bevol - organizacion

Our organization has two types of roles: the Bevol Core Team and the Satellites.

The Bevol Core Team are professionals who dedicate more than 80% of their time to Bevol.

The Satellites are professionals who collaborate with the Bevol Team on an occasional basis on specific projects.

We work with Los Satélites for two reasons: first, we admire them as people and as professionals, and this is the way to learn from them.  Second, they have skills and knowledge that complement us, and collaborating with them is essential for a proposal as holistic as the Program Evolve Your Business to be successful.

El equipo Bevol


Ramón Cañas coach

I am an Engineer in Industrial Design and Product Development, and Master in Organizational Engineering, specializing in Business Administration (MBA) from the Polytechnic University of Madrid.

Diving into the complex union of 3 worlds -> PEOPLE · TECHNOLOGY · PROCESSES.

I started my professional career in the world of technological entrepreneurship, and ended up evolving into agility and transformation consulting. I have been lucky enough to work on very varied projects with companies of all sizes, but always with the same vision: how we can make the company work more efficiently and innovatively, and above all how we can make people feel committed and excited.

Victoria Rodriguez

I am Victoria Rodríguez, a former athlete and gymnast who, after working for more than 5 years leading teams, transformed my vision of leadership and business.

I have worked with more than 15 teams throughout my career and I have learned from each of them that the key is NOT only in you, but and above all in THEM.

Now I help and teach SME leaders to overcome their results and find ways of working that DO take into account our needs and motivations as humans.

Colaboraciones de hasta 2 meses de duración, para impactar sobre un dolor u oportunidad concreta

Los Satelites Bevol

The Bevol Satellites

Marián Sáncal

My name is Marián and I am dedicated to helping professionals like you, managers and business owners, growing startups and SMEs, to lead in maximum uncertainty and be NET INNOVATIVE companies.

I help you LEAD THE FUTURE, silencing the noise, showing you the field of future possibilities and building the safe bridges you need to get to the desired place.

I teach you what the new way of doing business consists of so that you go from politicking and internal tensions to being a MORE COMPLETE organization, to release 200% COMMITMENT, to REMOVE BLIND SPOTS that do not let you advance and to IMPLEMENT the necessary processes to to be a CREATIVE, INNOVATIVE AND TRANSFORMATIVE organization.

And as a consequence… more PROFITABLE.

Elisabeth Martí

After more than 10 years working in IT environments and developing competencies, I have the ability of helping teams and people to evolve and become happy high performance. Always focusing on technical excellence, quality, trust and collaboration. The optimization of processes based on reducing waste to deliver faster and with high quality is key.

Also, I had the opportunity to be close to stakeholders and understand their (business/customer) needs, issues and main concerns about change and innovation.

With all this learning:
⚡I help companies to break down all the organizational walls and silos between departments to provide as much VALUE as possible (as a whole) following AGILE Mindset and Culture (People Centricity & Networks)⚡

Quieres unirte a Bevol?

We are actively looking for someone who is aligned with our vision of the future of organizations, with a solid financial background.

You will help our clients create financial dashboards that allow them to make decisions and lead the company with data.

Quieres unirte a Bevol?

We are looking for someone who is aligned with our vision of the future of organizations, with a solid business background.

You will help our clients to create commercial strategies and operations that allow them to take advantage of the full potential of the company.

Join our team!
Together we will build the future of organizations

Bevol logo

Logo Bevol consultoría